General enquiry form

We will be pleased to attend to any thermal requirements which you may have.
With your enquireies, we would ask that you furnish us with as much of the relevant data as possible, relating to fluids to be handled.
Performance Primary fluid Secondary fluid
Fluid type (Media)
Flow rate in m3/h
Inlet temp. in degrees c
Outlet temp. in degrees c
Inlet pressure in Kpa.
Max. Pressure drop in kPa.
Heat load in kw.

For media other than steam - air - water, we require to know further information e.g. density at operating temperatures.
For mineral oil : Manfacturer and grade of oil, e.g. Shell telus T37 .

Fluid thermal properties Primary fluid Secondary fluid
Inlet temp. Outlet temp. Inlet temp. Outlet temp.
Density in kg/m3
Specific heat in kj/kg K
Thermal conductivity in W/m K
Kinematic viscosity in cSt
Any other relevant information concerning either the particular characteristics of you fluids, space available for installation, construction material preferences, pipe entry positions, etc., should be supplied seperately or dicussed with our representatives.
The exact location where the equipment will be used is important as the altitude must be entered into our computer program when designing equipment to meet your requirements.

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